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London Mail: Saoirse Ronan's Teen Dream

Focus Features 05.02.2011

In London's Mail Online, you can find an extensive interview--" Actress Saoirse Ronan: Sweet 17 with a licence to kill "--with Hanna's Saoirse Ronan written by Martyn Palmer. She talks about her career, her actor dad, training for the part, and her future plans. But in the end, Palmer reminds us that this remarkable teen is just that, a teenage girl: "In many ways, Saoirse is just like thousands of other teenage girls - bright, funny, engaging and fashion crazy, with a healthy hint of rebellion. Except, in her case, that means there's a good chance of her making an appearance at the next Oscars with blue and pink streaks in her strawberry-blonde hair." Or as Ronan puts it:

Do you know what I'd like to do? I might get my hair cut a bit shorter. I've seen posters in Topshop where the girls have little blue and pink bits in their hair - Lady Gaga has done that and it looks really cool - so I might try it.