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LA Times: Donald Sutherland From The Dirty Dozen to The Eagle

Focus Features 02.07.2011

This is Donald Sutherland’s time. His new film The Eagle, in which he plays Channing Tatum’s sage aristocratic uncle, is about to come out and he had just gotten his Hollywood star. In the Los Angeles Times Susan King salutes the Hollywood great in her piece “Classic Hollywood: Donald Sutherland's mark on Hollywood.” Having appeared in dozens of memorable films, many of which (like M*A*S*H, Don’t Look Now, or Klute) have become film classics, Sutherland might have grown grand at his age. But as The Eagle director Kevin MacDonald points out, Sutherland has moved in the opposite direction, becoming more of a team player. As King learned:

Macdonald was also astonished that Sutherland learned every crew member's name. "He must study the crew list. If he gets anybody's name wrong, he is really annoyed. On the last day of filming, he writes a little note to every single person on the shooting crew."