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James Franco loves Ryan Gosling in PINES

Focus Features 04.05.2013

In his Huffington Post blog, actor/director/artist/writer James Franco pens a love letter to Ryan Gosling's performance in THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES. While he praises Cianfrance for his ability to "make the simple and desperate feel as epic as a symphony," and notes that "all actors are excellent," his focus is on Ryan Gosling. Comparing him to '60s icon Steve McQueen, Gosling adds how he loved Gosling's part in the film "Because it portrays a character who is beautiful because he has a ticking clock around his neck, he's every James Dean-style kid, every burning hot rock star, Lenny Bruce mother, who speaks with his motorcycle and his style: the intelligence of style and behavior. A behavioral and sartorial genius."