Chicago Trib: Bill Murray Praises Wes at Cannes

Focus Features 05.16.2012

Chicago Tribune's Michael Philips reports from the Cannes Film Festival about his hometown's funniest son - Bill Murray. Murray, whose has worked with MOONRISE KINGDOM's director Wes Anderson on many films, praised the director's style and advancement while at the Cannes Film Festival, where MOONRISE KINGDOM is the opening night film. As Philips reports, Murray's compliments of the director at the MOONRISE KINGDOM's press conference are delivered in the most exquisite round-about way:

Sometimes...when you work with a director you know you not only may never see him again, sometimes you hope you never seen him again. And that goes for the director as well. They can't wait for you to leave. They drive you to the airport to make sure you leave. That happens.... With Wes, I've never gotten a ride to the airport.