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On the website TheVine, Arial Amazing posted an interview with BEGINNERS writer/director Mike Mills, after his film screened at the Melbourne International Film Festival. It's wide-ranging fun talk, picking up on topics like Ewan McGregor playing him, Mills' punk background, and the ethics of filmmaking. At the end, Mills talks thinks back to his dad:

I've had so many weird conversations with my dad in my head, like 'What would you think of this Pop? If I did this, how would that go?' My dad is a very political, art historian complicated man, so I think he would get all the abstraction. Like the nuts and bolts of fictionalising somebody? He kind of fictionalised himself for a while. So that's been really sweet. When I'm really nervous and I have to go introduce the film in front of some huge amount of people, I feel like... I don't want to sound cheesy/spooky, but I can feel my dad around. Or, I can feel his advice. His advice is more palpable, easy to grab onto than it ever was. That's the best I've ever said it! You know what I mean?