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Inside Our Movies Beginners NYC Red Carpet
On May 24th, the latest film from writer/director Mike Mills, Beginners, held a special screening at the Tribeca Grand Hotel in New York City. Check out the photos from the red carpet.
News & Updates Christopher Plummer Nominated for Best Supporting Actor Oscar
Having just won a Golden Globe Award, Christopher Plummer was nominated for an Academy Award for Actor in a Supporting Role for his outstanding part in Mike Mills' BEGINNERS.
Inside Our Movies Mike Mills, Graphic Artist
Before becoming a feature filmmaker, writer/director Mike Mills honed his aesthetic sensibilities as a graphic artist, working on posters, album covers, skateboards, music videos, and TV commercials.
video Cosmo the Dog for Beginners
Mike Mills, Ewan McGregor and more chime in on working with Beginners’ Jack Russell star and his trainer, Mathilde De Cagny.
Movie City Los Angeles for Beginners
Beginners not only writes a poignant postcard to contemporary Los Angeles, but maps out a personal landscape for writer/director Mike Mills.
Videos Watch videos from Beginners
Check out clips "Club Akbar", "Fatherly Advice", Red Carpet Premiere interviews and more.
Inside Our Movies Dog + Man: From The Odyssey to Beginners
In Beginners, the dog Arthur and the human Oliver create an emotional bond that echoes back all the way to Homer.
people in film Ewan McGregor
The Scottish actor brings talents, looks, and most of all charm to his varied films.
people in film Christopher Plummer

Congratulations to Christopher Plummer for winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor! From Von Trapp to Don Juan, from Sherlock Holmes to Santa Claus, Mr. Plummer seems to have played nearly everyone in the history of Western Civilization. Read more about his award-winning versatility in our People in Film slideshow.

people in film Mélanie Laurent
The multi-talented French actress from film to song.
Inside Our Movies Beginners: Director’s Statement
Director Mike Mills shares his personal insight on the film Beginners including early letters to actors Ewan McGregor and Christopher Plummer.
Inside Our Movies From Start to Finish, the Inspirational Journey of Beginners

The cast and crew of the movie Beginners reflect on the creative process.

Inside Our Movies Q&A with Christopher Plummer

Christopher Plummer talks about his character, Hal, and working with the cast an crew of the movie Beginners.

Tech & Trends Artists Using Film, from Dali to Mills
Mike Mills, the writer/director of Beginners, started as a graphic artist. Many other artists have turned to film to expand and evolve their vision.
More On beginners
When it comes to relationships, we’re all beginners. From writer/director Mike Mills comes Beginners, a comedy/drama about how deeply funny and transformative life can be, even at its most serious moments.
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