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Bruno Coulais


Bruno Coulais most recently composed the original score for another Focus Features release, LAIKA’s acclaimed animated movie Coraline, directed by Henry Selick.

Mr. Coulais has been honored three times with the César Award (France’s equivalent of the Oscar); these were for his scores to Eric Valli’s Himalaya – l’enfance d’un chef, Claude Nuridsany and Marie Pérennou’s Microcosmos, and Christophe Barratier’s Les Choristes. The latter film also brought him an Academy Award nomination in the Best Original Song category.

He was also a BAFTA Award nominee for scoring Les Choristes; a César Award nominee for scoring Mathieu Kassovitz’ Crimson Rivers and Jacques Perrin’s Winged Migration; and an Emmy Award nominee for scoring Raoul Peck’s Sometimes in April…

Mr. Coulais began his musical education on the violin and piano. His entrée into film scores came via director François Reichenbach, who asked him to write the soundtrack for the documentary Mexico Magico. Subsequently, the first full-length feature he scored was Sébastien Grall’s La femme secrète.

Among the other features that he has composed the music for are Christine Pascal’s Le petit prince a dit; Agnès Merlet’s The Son of the Shark; Jacques Weber’s Don Juan; Elie Chouraqui’s Harrison’s Flowers; Pitof’s Vidocq; Frédéric Schoendoerffer’s Agents secrets; and James Huth’s Brice de Nice and upcoming Lucky Luke.

Mr. Coulais has composed several operas, including for children. In 2005, he wrote and conducted his Stabat Mater in Saint Denis Cathedral with the participation of English musician Robert Wyatt.

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