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That Green Dress

While Atonement has been winning Golden Globes and garnering seven Oscar nominations, there has also been a lot of talk about the costumes in the film (for which Jacqueline Durran is Oscar-nominated.) A particular point of focus has been "that green dress" that Keira Knightley so memorably wears in the film, which was voted the "Best Film Costume of All Time" in a poll conducted by the Sky Movies TV channel and In Style magazine.

USA Today also recently wrote this piece on Ms. Knightley's dress in which Treena Lombardo, W magazine's fashion market director, talks about Atonement's couture ("the sartorial embodiment of drama") and how the contemporary follower of fashion can adopt Ms. Knightley's look for today's styles. Frock Stars, a piece in Ireland's Independent newspaper additionally looks at the dress in the context of fashion in the movies.