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Portland Bands Share Their Favorite Film Soundtracks

Favorite Movie Soundtracks

Portland Bands Share Their Favorite Film Soundtracks

Six bands from Portland list their favorite movie soundtracks.


Willy Vlautin's Top Five Movie Soundtracks

Paris, Texas

Ry Cooder
Just hearing Ry Cooder play desert music and Harry Dean Stanton sing is enough, but then to hear Harry Dean Stanton's heartbreaking monologue makes it my favorite soundtrack.



Peter Gabriel
My favorite Peter Gabriel record. I've worn out two copies of this one.


Once Upon A Time In The West

Ennio Morricone
I once listened to this for a month straight and only quit because my girlfriend threatened to leave me if I wouldn't quit playing it.


Car Wash

Rose Royce
A greatly underrated disc featuring some hotshot soul session players. "I'm Going Down" is one of the all time coolest songs. Great if you like easygoing 70's soul.


Border Radio

Dave Alvin
Alvin's only soundtrack featuring some great instrumental stuff by him as well as songs by Green on Red, John Doe, Chris D., and the Lazy Cowgirls. If you like 80's LA roots desert music, it's hard to beat this one.

Willy Vlautin
Willy Vlautin from Richmond Fontaine - LEADPHOTO

Richmond Fontaine formed in 1994 in Portland, Oregon. Founders Willy Vlautin (vocals, guitar) and Dave Harding (bass) have since joined forces with real Portlanders Paul Brainard (pedal Steel, trumpet), Sean Oldham (drums) and Dan Eccles (guitar). The music that began as rough and ready cow-punk has evolved into a complex tapestry woven around Vlautin's brooding narrative folk songs. After ten years or so touring the USA, Richmond Fontaine received some favorable press in the UK and began touring over there. In the past few years, RF has done a handful of tours in the British Isles and mainland Europe as well as a trip to Australia. Songwriter Willy Vlautin has also published two novels, The Motel Life and Northline. The band is currently working on its eighth full length studio album, set to be released in 2009 on Decor and El Cortez Records.

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