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Baby Professionals Share Their Favorite Baby Films

Favorite Things: Baby Films

Baby Professionals Share Their Favorite Baby Films

To celebrate the release of Focus Features’ movie Babies, FilmInFocus asked a group of people whose work involves new arrivals to pick their top baby-related movies.


Ellie and Melissa's Five Favorite Films

Raising Arizona

This Coen brothers classic shows to what extremes a couple will go – in the comedic sense – to become parents. Holly Hunter and Nick Cage’s desire to love and parent Nathan Jr. as their own speaks to the unpredictable and crazy, emotional world of becoming parents. At the end, Cage’s character envisions his future filled with kids, grandkids, family events – a large, happy and full life that still moves us. While we wouldn’t recommend kidnapping, we definitely recommend this movie!


The Hangover

Along with the rest of the world, we found this comedy irresistible. While not about a baby, per se, we fell hard for Zack Galifianakis’s care and handling of the surprise “package.” And the fact that this weirdly loveable and hungover shlub is actually wearing the baby carrier correctly, slays us!


Baby Boom

Talk about being ahead of its time. When Diane Keaton’s powerhouse woman of a certain age finds herself unexpectedly with baby, she herself can’t believe the change it brings. Her triumph at the end is a celebration of mompreneurs everywhere, making us believe that maybe, we really can have it all.


Three Men and a Baby

In spite of its dated premise, watching these three confirmed bachelors taking care of a baby still gives us the giggles. Nothing like a baby to teach these guys what “real” work, responsibility, and love really are about. Plus, who can resist some vintage Tom Selleck?


Rosemary's Baby

We hate scary movies and this Roman Polanski classic takes scary, freakish and weird to a whole new level. That said, Mia Farrow is entirely believable in portraying a mothers unconditional love of her unborn child, even when she figures out what’s really growing inside her. Creepy!....and fabulous.

Ellie and Melissa
The Baby Planners
Ellie and Melissa, The Baby Planners

What wedding planners are to newly engaged couples, Ellie and Melissa, The Baby Planners, are to parents-to-be. As the forces behind the nation's #1 baby concierge and consulting service, Ellie and Melissa guide expectant and new parents through the overwhelming and ever-changing baby product marketplace. Their goal is to taste, touch, smell, sleep with, wear, carry, push and pull every possible baby product and/or service available! Their wit and wisdom is featured in Pregnancy Magazine,, and and they've been seen on Rachel Ray Show, Access Hollywood, People Magazine and more. Their latest and greatest finds, insights and tips can always be found on Ultrasounds, the Baby Planners blog.

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