Take Five: Tween Girl Computer Games

By Nick Dawson | February 16, 2009
Take Five: Tween Girl Computer Games - LEADPHOTO

To complement our piece on tween girl gaming culture, FilmInFocus spotlights five treats that will keep the demographic glued to their consoles.

Imagine Family Doctor

One of the more empowering of the Imagine series, this soon-to-be-released game allows players to take on the role of the local doctor and have them visit all their patients, learn from senior doctors, memorize symptoms and even stamp out a virus that is sweeping through the area residents. The more girly elements include designing your doctor’s office and getting to know all the quirky residents.

Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends

In the sequel to the very popular Cooking Mama, players have to once again cook up some challenging recipes, but this time the stakes are even higher as there are nine very picky guests to please. In addition to the cooking, players can customize both their cooking area and, helpfully, Mama herself! Reviewing the release at pixielate.com, Lauren Hutchison says that the Cooking Mama games “are perfect for the Achiever in your life, and Cooking Mama 2 pushes the idea further.”

Petz Monkeyz House

For the budding zoologist and relationship psychologist, Petz Monkeyz House is the game to get. You can train your monkeys, breed them to create unique new kinds of monkeys, use wifi connections to share monkeys with other pals playing the game, build relationships with your simian friends, teach them tricks, and watch up to three of them interact together. 

Disney Sing It

Ener-G Horse Riders

If you’ve not got the money to own a horse or can’t afford riding lessons, then Ener-G Horse Riders is a good place to get rid of your pent-up equine affections. Players can choose exactly what kind of horse they want and then gallop around their virtual world, with new training environments that can be opened up for those with observant eyes. Once your confidence grows, players can even train wild horses.

Disney Sing It

This game for both the Nintendo Wii and Playstation 2 recruits High School Musical actress Olesya Rulin as vocal coach as players sing along to Disney tunes and music videos. Aside from the instructional aspects of this karaoke-style game, you can get competitive by taking on your friends in a variety of modes such as Duet, Versus and Team Play. Game Shark’s review acknowledges that “most singing games fail to deliver” but says that nevertheless “Disney’s Sing It knocks it out of the park.”


Also out now is the official Coraline game through D3 Publisher, available on formats for both Nintendo Wii and Playstation 2. The companion game to the film, it offers players an authentic recreation of the world seen in the movie as they travel through 3D environments such as the Pink Palace and play mini-games with the characters to help solve Coraline’s conundrum. The game features the voice talents of Dakota Fanning, Keith David and Robert Bailey Jr., who reprise their original roles as Coraline, the Cat and Wybie from Henry Selick’s stop motion animated Coraline, currently in theaters in eye-popping 3D.

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