Italian Porn Star Politics

March 18, 2009

Posted by | March 18, 2009

Naked truth about financial reality.

Clearly things are bad all over.  Film production is be cut. Film companies are cutting employees. And, as Media Bistro reports, Variety will be cutting its freelance writers’ fees by a third. And people are mad as hell. Congress relentlessly grilled Edward M. Liddy, the poor––well, not really poor––CEO of AIG. In Italy, they go about this all a little differently. Reuters reports that Italian pornstar Laura Perego protested the financial melt down in a unique way. She “climbed on to a table inside the bourse [in Milan] entrance clad only in her panties and with the Italian flag painted on her body, a police spokesman said. “Italy is down to its underpants," the Sicilian-born actress shouted before being taken away by police. She was charged with obscene acts.”

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