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Documentary Filmmakers Pick their Favorite News Websites

Favorite News Websites

Documentary Filmmakers Pick their Favorite News Websites

For the week of Super Tuesday, we've asked five documentary filmmakers to give us their five favorite news websites.

Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady's Five Websites

The Revealer

The Revealer is a daily review of religion in the news. The Revealer was conceived by Jay Rosen of New York University's Department of Journalism and created by journalist Jeff Sharlet, and it is funny, smart and irreverent.



Glassbooth is an extremely user-friendly clearinghouse of information about the presidential candidates and their positions on all the issues. It also matches you to the 2008 presidential candidate that best represents your beliefs. It’s straightforward and easy to navigate.


The Raw Story

The Raw Story is an "alternative news" nexus that focuses on sharing relevant news that is underplayed by the mainstream media. They also implement their own journalistic investigations and post exclusives on the site.


The Atlantic Monthly

You can count on for up-to-date reporting and colorful analysis of the goings on around the Beltway and beyond. Andrew Sullivan's "Daily Dish" section is by turns infuriating and entertaining.


Hostile Crowd

Professing to "cover hostility across the media spectrum," is very busy this election season. It's fun to pop in every so often and see how the mainstream media's coverage of the candidates is rated for fairness. The site also links to lots of gritty political blogs.

Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady
Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady - LEADPHOTO

As the co-owners of the New York-based production company Loki Films, Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady have produced and directed documentary works for A&E, The Discovery Channel, CBS and Channel Four. Their Emmy-nominated 2005 documentary The Boys of Baraka, about a group of inner city boys from Baltimore who go to a boarding school in Kenya, was released theatrically by THINKFilm and shown as part of CBS' POV series. Their follow-up project, Jesus Camp, was nominated for Best Documentary at the 2007 Academy Awards, and focused on the Evangelical movement from the perspective of young children. Ewing and Grady and currently collaborating with fellow docmakers Alex Gibney and Morgan Spurlock on a film version of the bestselling book Freakonomics, which is due out next year.

We asked the two filmmakers to tell us five of their favorite non-mainstream sites for news and political opinion.

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