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Comedians Share Their Favorite Stand-Up films

Favorite Movies About Comedians

Comedians Share Their Favorite Stand-Up films

Four comedians share their favorite film roles by fellow stand-ups.


Hannibal's Five Favorite Roles Performed by Stand-up Comedians

Dave Chappelle (The Nutty Professor)

Dave plays a hacky Def Jam comedian. It's a caricature but he nails. Goofy clothes, horrible jokes, combined with excellent energy and comedic timing equals one of the best scenes in The Nutty Professor.

Eddie Murphy (I-Spy )

He has so many different movies you can choose from. I know that most people wouldn't pick this as their favorite Eddie Murphy performance but it's great. He plays a narcissistic boxer and it's perfect and well done. There's a scene where Owen Wilson's character is showing him some spy technology. Priceless.

Martin Lawrence (Bad Boys)

Martin and Will Smith had excellent chemistry in this movie. It was just an excellent goofy action comedy.

Seth Rogen (Observe and Report)

Great movie. My favorite line: "Boom, fuck you!" It doesn't seem like much, but in the context of the scene, it works perfectly. I'm easy to please.

Chris Tucker (Friday)

Friday is a classic movie. Chris Tucker had great energy and is the reason the phrase "You got knocked the fuck out" will be stuck in my head forever.
Hannibal Buress
Hannibal Buress - LEADPHOTO

Onstage, comedian Hannibal Buress delivers his act in a relaxed monotone that belies the non sequiturs and bizarre fantasies that comprise it. A bit that begins, "I wanna kick a pigeon" spirals out into a consideration of the reasons that he shouldn't indulge that desire (concluding that the Post would run the front page headline, "Black Dudes are Kicking Pigeons").

Originally from Chicago, the 26 year-old Buress accumulated a series of accolades in his hometown (including Time Out magazine's "Funniest Person in Chicago" in 2007) before moving to New York. He has since appeared on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson and Comedy Central's Live at Gotham stand-up series and can be seen next February in the documentary The Awkward Kings of Comedy.

Here, Hannibal gives us his five favorite movie roles performed by stand-up comedians.

I really wanna be a I can drive the Fire SUV.

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