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Foodies share their favorite films on sustainability

Favorite Things: Sustainable Cinema

Foodies share their favorite films on sustainability

Focus Features takes an alternative look at food and movies by soliciting examples of “sustainable cinema” from five prominent figures within the food movement.


Robert Egger's Five Favorite Movies

The Gold Rush

In it, the Little Tramp eats his shoe for Thanksgiving. In the course of the scene, dinner becomes comedy, comedy becomes pathos, pathos becomes sympathy, sympathy becomes empathy until finally, you want to stand up for the Little Tramp, and those like him.



Refugees flock to Rick’s, for the freedom of a night on the town, with champagne cocktails, dinner and dancing. But right below the surface, Rick’s is the gateway to a deeper freedom—in America. It's duality while dining...and it shows the power of a "hill of beans."



Gandhi got the British crown to the negotiating table with table salt. Bang, there it is...


The Concert for Bangladesh

George Harrison stands up for hungry people in this triumphant 1971's concert—one of the very first rock and roll fundraisers. Leon Russell rocks the house.


Big Night

It has it all—the glory of food, the insanity of family, and the joy of Louis Prima soundtrack.

Robert Egger
Robert Egger

Robert Egger is the founder of DC Central Kitchen, where donated foods are prepared into 4,500 meals each day by men and women enrolled in a culinary arts job training program. Since opening in 1989, DCCK has produced 22 million meals and helped over 800 men and women find great jobs. Robert is an Oprah Angel, a James Beard Humanitarian of the Year and was recently awarded the Duke Zeiburt Lifetime Achievement Award by the Restaurant Association of Washington, DC.

As a leading figure in the food movement, Egger was an ideal person to offer up five examples of “sustainable cinema” for Thanksgiving viewing.

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