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Posted by | April 21, 2009
Focus Features Goes Green - LEADPHOTO

FilmInFocus collects together a variety of links to help you become an eco-filmmaker and reduce the negative impact your movie has on the planet.

Recent threats of global warming and depletion of fossil fuels has made it all to clear that going green is no colorful fashion. It is a social and economic necessity. The Green is Universal initiative seeks to call attention to and provoke action on ecological issues, especially as they relate to our companies, our product and moviemaking in general. As part of that, Focus Features' Go Green page will be an essential destination site for people in interested in green films. Here we'll provide recent news of green projects and articles about how Focus is attempting to make green-conscious movies, as well as essential links to sites dealing with all aspects of green filmmaking.


Away We Go
Green Links


Away We Go

Away We Go Goes Green

Scott Macaulay looks at the way that the green initiatives on Away We Go are revolutionizing environmental production methods.


Easy Being Green

It's Easy Being Green

Scott Macaulay visits the set of Sam Mendes’ upcoming movie for Focus Features, the first environmentally friendly studio movie.



More links:

Green Media Solutions
Abbreviated and full versions of Away We Go: A Pilot Study of Sustainable Film Production Practices can be found here.

The third party verification team that verified the Away We Go report.

PGA Green
A variety of green resources for producers and production professionals are hosted are shared on PGA Green, a site hosted by the Producer’s Guild of America.

Green Is Universal
Information about Earth Week and green practices all across the Universal family.


Green Filmmaking Resources

Green Resource Guide (via California Film Commission)
This helpful list provides a list of companies, focusing on everything from wardrobe to tape stock, that can help you make your production more environmentally friendly.

Toward an Environmental Conscience: The GreenCode for Filmmakers
On the website of Washington D.C.’s Environmental Film Festival, Larry Engel lays out an ecological manifesto from a filmmaker’s perspective.

Green Filmmaking Facebook Group
Join other eco-centric auteurs online at this meeting place on one of the web’s most popular social networking sites.

Code of Best Practices for Sustainable Filmmaking
An exhaustive look from the Center of Social Media at how you can make your movie while limiting its negative impact, which comes with a checklist to help you keep track of every aspect of production.

The Green Code Project
Responding to the above UCLA study, this website lays out its own version of the Kyoto Accord “tailored to the needs and processes of the documentary, film, television and new media industries.”

Filmmakers for Conservation
A website for and by filmmakers whose work not only show concern for the environment in the way that they are made but also in their subject matters, which focus on issues relating to the natural world and ecology.

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