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Greenberg Cast & Crew Share Their Favorite LA Films

Favorite Films About Los Angeles

Greenberg Cast & Crew Share Their Favorite LA Films

As part of Movie City Los Angeles, key members of the creative team behind Focus Features’ forthcoming film Greenberg select their favorite movies set in the City of Angels.


Elizabeth Keenan's Five Favorite Films

The Day of the Locust

Homer Simpson and Karen Black?! I love this film because it depicts the boiling point I often reach when driving around LA for 500 miles during one week. That and the bright, sunny retina-melting glare of the LA sun. Dark? Yes. But not as dark or brilliant as Nathanael West.


Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Pure vindictive, self-absorbed malice and a bundle on the beach!


The Aviator

Art Direction, Set Decoration, Costumes, Cinematography, and Performance as Eye-Crack!


The Soloist

I love this film for depicting the underbelly of this city. Cruising through Skid Row at 4 or 5 in the morning on your way to the Flower Mart is a continual reminder of not only the mind-numbing degree at which wealth and massive poverty coexist in LA but what a privilege it is to be in this business...if you can keep your sanity.



Oh the darkness that lurks beneath the dewy veneer...With Pioneer Set Decorator Ruby Levitt.

Elizabeth Keenan
Elizabeth Keenan
Elizabeth Keenan

Elizabeth Keenan is a set decorator whose worked on a number of films including Alice in Wonderland, The Back-Up Plan, and, of course, Greenberg. About living in LA, Ms. Keenan writes, “A newly transplanted Australian friend of mine said, ‘Los Angeles doesn’t GIVE you anything; you must go and search it out.’ Such an astute and world-weary observation. And there is so much treasure to be found once you resign yourself to the hunt.”

We asked her which films set in LA struck her most strongly.

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