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Filmmakers Share Five Things about Sundance

Five Things About Sundance

Filmmakers Share Five Things about Sundance

We asked filmmakers to share five things about Sundance - whether it be things to know before coming to the festival, their five favorite memories or the top 5 trends at this year's events. Find out what they had to say.

David Wilson's Five Things about Sundance


Feeling almost breathless (and it wasn't the altitude) at the end of Man On Wire, only to have Phillipe Petit himself come out for the Q&A. As he deflected one question after another in the most charming way possible, I felt especially lucky to have my job.



Dancing like crazy at the Cinetic party, (maybe to "Come On Eileen"?) only to look over my shoulder and realize that the girl dancing behind me was Hannah from American Teen.The film was a highlight of the fest for me, and seeing her and her fellow "Teens" raging through Park City was pretty great.



Sneaking into a "gifting suite" at the end of a particularly lame film party. I don't think that the poor product shiller ever really knew what hit her, as my friend and I posed as Producer and Star of a Very Important Film. It wasn't a Wii, but it'll do . . .


Cinema Eye

The combo moment of watching Margaret Brown announce the inaugural CINEMA EYE awards, which are so badly needed to honor documentary craft, while feeling sure that next year, her film The Order Of Myths, will be a multi-nominee for it's beautiful and poetic look at Mardi Gras in Mobile, Alabama.



The wickedest post-Dance cold imaginable. Apparently, seven straight days of not sleeping is a recipe for misery and flu. Maybe I'll remember that next year. But I doubt it.

David Wilson
David Wilson - LEADPHOTO

David Wilson is a documentary filmmaker and co-founder of the True/False Film Festival in Columbia, Missouri.

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