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Filmmakers Share Five Things about Sundance

Five Things About Sundance

Filmmakers Share Five Things about Sundance

We asked filmmakers to share five things about Sundance - whether it be things to know before coming to the festival, their five favorite memories or the top 5 trends at this year's events. Find out what they had to say.

David Darcy's Five Things about Sundance

Cheap, Crafty Films

With Baghead, I was reminded that a clever, indie-mocking, deftly crafted film can be made for $20 thousand, and look like it was made for $2 thousand. Eat your heart out, Roger Corman.


Roman Polanski

Among an audience that has the memory of a nano-second for film history, it was reassuring to see Roman Polanski's life and work exhumed in all its ambiguity in Marina Zenovich's doc Roman Polanski: Wanted And Desired. Any substance to the persistent rumor at the festival that title has been changed to Roman's Holiday?


Not finding Osama Bin Laden

I was pleased not to spot Osama bin Laden, although the food in Tora Bora can't be any worse or more expensive than it was in Shark City. I just assumed he was on one of the buses stuck in Shark City's traffic on the way to the Racquet Club, or poised to drop a bomb on the limo-locked town to get the maximum kill-ratio during the first few days of the festival. Typical Shark City – develop every inch of land, and make yourselves sitting ducks in gilded SUV-lock for an act of terrorism or any other disaster.



Good Dick - the ultimate "what were they thinking?" film. This, out of ten thousand submissions? Somebody turn off the porno tape and please explain...


Even More Bafflement

Mysteries Of Pittsburgh and August and Bottle Shock — the penultimate "what were they thinking?" films. Josh Hartnett as a ballsy entrepreneur, as a ballsy anything? Peter Sarsgaard as a mob wise guy? Nick Nolte as a mob chieftain? Sienna Miller as a classical violinist ? Bring back Cameron Diaz as an orthopedic surgeon. A California wine infomercial on the Sundance program? Weren't these guys supposed to be paying to be around as the corporate sponsors?

David Darcy
David Darcy - LEADPHOTO

David D'Arcy is a critic for Screen International, and writes for a number of other international publications and websites (including GreenCine Daily. For 20 years, D'Arcy was a cultural correspondent for National Public Radio.

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