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Filmmakers Share Five Things about Sundance

Five Things About Sundance

Filmmakers Share Five Things about Sundance

We asked filmmakers to share five things about Sundance - whether it be things to know before coming to the festival, their five favorite memories or the top 5 trends at this year's events. Find out what they had to say.

Connie White's Five Things about Sundance

A new friend

I had to travel all the way to Park City, Utah to meet my neighbor in Northampton, Mass, Bob Cilman, the musical director of the local Young @ Heart chorus featured in the acclaimed documentary of the same name – and the first film I saw at Sundance this year.


A Pink Sweatshirt

A Sundance '08 women's pink sweatshirt that my 12 and 14 year old sons are already fighting over (see photo of Lucas – in the sweatshirt – with his arm around Dana – not in sweatshirt – posing with John Hodgman (from the Daily Show and Apple commercials – he plays PC) and Eamon Wick (fellow band mate) – after their band Who Shot Hollywood's gig opening up for him last night in Hadley, Mass.


My Opinions

The fact that, while I maybe the ONLY person I know who liked What Just Happened? – c'mon everyone, it was a blast! – I'm super glad I wasn't the only one who loved Frozen River – looks like the Dramatic Jury agreed with me on that one.


Undone Work

All the non-Sundance-related work I took with me – untouched, undone.


A Head Cold

The Sundance head cold – alas!

Connie White
Connie White - LEADPHOTO

Connie White is the Artistic Director of the Provincetown International Film Festival, which celebrates its tenth anniversary in June 2008. Additionally, she books independent art cinemas around the country, including the Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline, Mass., and the Broadway Center Cinemas in Salt Lake City, Utah. As the president of Balcony Releasing, she has released theatrically documentary features — most recently, the critically acclaimed Kurt Cobain: About A Son and King Corn — to cinemas in the US.

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