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Documentary Filmmakers Pick their Favorite News Websites

Favorite News Websites

Documentary Filmmakers Pick their Favorite News Websites

For the week of Super Tuesday, we've asked five documentary filmmakers to give us their five favorite news websites.

Astra Taylor's Five Websites

The Nation

The Nation is America's oldest weekly magazine. It's also the first place I go whenever I need to get my head around a current political event, especially anything campaign-related. In this world of "fair and balanced" corporate spin-zone crapola, it's good to be reminded what real journalism looks like.



Speaking of corporate crap news, the good people at FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting) scan it with a fine-tooth comb, uncovering and exposing innumerable instances of media bias and creating action alerts so you can help make a difference. Essential reading, especially during election season.



The ecological beat covered with panache. Grist is a good place to visit if you want the green word on everything from picking out solar panels to choosing a political candidate.


Left Business Observer

Given all the worry about recession, I recommend checking out Left Business Observer, the work of economist Doug Henwood, a man with the rare ability to make the dismal science compelling (who else in his field has been called a "wicked genius" by sexpert Susie Bright?). Though not a conventional news site, the archive of Henwood's list-serv, lbo-talk, is a great place to lurk and learn. As if that weren't enough, once a week Henwood posts his excellent hour-long radio show, Behind The News, for your listening pleasure.



According the mainstream media the F-word is out of style, but Feministing shows it just isn't so.

Astra Taylor
Astra Taylor - LEADPHOTO

Astra Taylor directed the 2005 documentary Zizek! and is currently editing her next feature, Examined Life. With Laura Hanna she founded Hidden Driver, a New York-based production company specializing in feature-length and short-form documentaries that explore intellectual, cultural and political issues.

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