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Portland Bands Share Their Favorite Film Soundtracks

Favorite Movie Soundtracks

Portland Bands Share Their Favorite Film Soundtracks

Six bands from Portland list their favorite movie soundtracks.


Anita Robinson's Top Five Favorite Movie Soundtracks

Dead Man

The legend that is Neil Young wrote this harrowing, starkly beautiful soundtrack in a single spontaneous session during which he watched an early cut of the film alone on his ranch. I'd like to think Jim Jarmusch peed his pants when he heard it. Or at least cried a little. If you haven't seen the movie, see it. If you see it, you'll without a doubt want the soundtrack. Between the atmospheric musical stretches, snippets of dialogue are included. Particularly quotable is a scene featuring Iggy Pop and Billy Bob Thornton arguing over who gets to say grace and then who gets to have their way with Johnny Depp's character.


The Graduate

This one is so obvious. But it has to be included. Would this landmark film be half as powerful as it is without Simon and Garfunkel's beautiful variations on a theme? The reverb on the recording is as thick and shimmering as early morning fog on the California coast.


Buffalo 66

Let's face it, there's no middle ground here; folks either love Vincent Gallo or hate him. And I have to believe he wouldn't have it any other way. This movie gets better every time you see it and is another highly quotable fave of mine. There are lots of great actors playing colorful characters here. Get a load of Anjelica Huston's hilarious football-crazed character. This was back when Christina Ricci was voluptuous, edgy, new to us all. She's the perfect foil for Gallo's anti-hero. The soundtrack will turn you into a die-hard Yes and King Crimson fan and you'll be grateful!


Easy Rider

This is another one that is obvious but has to be included in any self-respecting list!  Everyone loves a road trip and every road trip loves a soundtrack as perfect as this. It truly is a snapshot of America in that psychedelic moment, and while the music often sums up the playful, sexually abandoned hedonism of the day, the film work is gritty, shocking, and there is no happy ending.

Anita Robinson
Anita Robinson from Viva Voce - LEADPHOTO

Anita Robinson is a songwriter, rock guitarist and singer for the band Viva Voce and Blue Giant, and co-owner of Amore!phonics Studios in Portland, Oregon. Anita and her husband Robinson formed Viva Voce (pronounced VEE-vah-VOH-chay, Italian for "by word of mouth") in their native Muscle Shoals, AL, in 1998. Heeding the call of the woods, they relocated to Portland, OR, in 2001. Fuzzed out psych excursions, eminently infectious melodies, hand-clap break downs, and star-shine vocal harmonizing (often all in the same song) belie an underlying deftness of arrangement and composition. Mining everything from down tempo electronica and R&B to post-rock and dream pop, Viva Voce weave together a sonic tapestry of shifting tones and textures that both continually challenges and stimulates the listener while holding them blissfully entranced.

In my circle of friends, taste in music is often vastly different. Most of my friends just happen to be musicians like myself. Several are artists or writers. Our cultural and regional backgrounds run the gamut from working class rural Alabama (myself) to liberal arts college-educated Oregon entrepreneur (too many of these to name here), but while we all cherish different landmark albums and hold various rock bands in reverence, we all love the same movies. We can quote them at will and we do, often. Don't get us started! We own these movies and we eagerly share these movies with the uninitiated because it would be a crime not to, and because quite simply, these movies have the most kick-ass soundtracks of all time!

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