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2008 Award Recipients

  • Edouard Bamporiki  |  Rwanda

    Edouard Bamporiki is an award-winning filmmaker, actor and poet. As young Rwandan artist, Edouard has received national and international attention for his stories of hope, unity and reconciliation. Edouard was born in a small village in the Western province, educated in Rwandan schools, and lives in the capitol city of Kigali. He wrote, directed, acted, and produced Long Coat.

  • Jenna Bass  |  South Africa

    Jenna Bass is a graduate (2007) of AFDA film school, Cape Town. At 22 years old she has worked as a director, writer, cinematographer, photographer and magician. She has directed over ten short films, and seven music videos. Her video, Hold The Sorrow, was accepted into the 2008 ViMus International Music Video Festival. Her 25min film, The Tunnel, was selected for the Focus Features Africa First Program and was completed this year. Her work has run the spectrum of sci-fi (So Long to the City), experimental (Jellyfish), teenage coming of age (Already Gone) and historical magical realism (The Tunnel). She is currently developing her first feature length projects: 5.6 Second of White Noise (a multi-narrative following a group of teenagers in the 1994 club scene of Durban), Tok Tokkie (a supernatural thriller about ghost-welfare inspectors) and Flat Land (a surreal Karoo-set western). Jenna's singular ambition is to make movies: to create the magic that glows in darkened theaters before blazing out into the real world.

  • Jan-Hendrik Beetge  |  South Africa

    Jan-Hendrik Beetge started his film career by writing and directing his first short-film, 'Triomfeer', in 2001. Winning multiple local and international awards for this poignant work, Jan-Hendrik went on to become a television commercials director at several top production companies and has been working as a director and writer ever since. Currently focusing on his love for cinematic narrative, Jan-Hendrik is busy developing several films and has just completed his second short-film called 'The Abyss Boys', a beautiful and compelling film about two brothers caught in a world from which they cannot escape. Born out of the simplicity of photography, his strengths lie in his innovative and unique cinematic visuals combined with original but truthful characters within a powerful narrative setting. He describes his style as Cinephotographic Narrative.
  • Dyana Gaye  |  Senegal

    Dyana Gaye was born in Paris in 1975. She majored in Film Studies at Paris 8 - St Denis University in 1998. In 1999, she won the Louis Lumiere-Villa Medicis grant for her script A woman for Souleymane which she directed the following year. Finalist of the Rolex Mentor and Protege Arts Initiative in 2004, she directed a musical one shot sequence film, Remembering Paris, for the project Paris, la metisse in 2005. In 2006, her film Ousmane received numerous distinctions all over the world and was nominated at the Cesar 2008 (French Academy Awards) for Best Short Film.
  • Wanuri Kahiu  |  Kenya

    In 2008, Wanuri completed her first feature film From A Whisper based on the real life events surrounding the August 7, twin bombings of US Embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam in 1998. The film recently won awards at the Africa Movie Academy Awards including Best Director and Best Picture, the Golden Dhow award for Best East African Picture at Zanzibar International Film Festival and Best Film at Kalasha, Kenya Film and TV awards. Shortly after she completed a documentary about the life of Nobel peace Prize laureate Wangari Maathai entitled For Our Land (2009) for M-Net 'Great Africans' Series. She has recently completed a short Science Fiction Film Pumzi (2009) that was partially funded by Focus Features (part of NBC universal), Goethe Institut and Changa Moto Fund in Kenya.