video The Art of Surveillance in CLOSED CIRCUIT
Director John Crowley and stars Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall explore the way surveillance was both the subject and aesthetic in the thriller CLOSED CIRCUIT.
Inside Our Movies CLOSED CIRCUIT NYC Special Screening
The stars, filmmakers and friends of CLOSED CIRCUIT showed up for the film's August 19th special screening in New York City.
people in film Rebecca Hall
Born into a legendary theatre family, Rebecca Hall had acting in her blood. But her sharp and smart portrayal of a special advocate in CLOSED CIRCUIT proves that she’s in a league of her own.
people in film Eric Bana
In CLOSED CIRCUIT, Eric Bana plays an attorney caught in the web of a national conspiracy, a part that draws on the many characters (from action heroes to everyday folk) that he’s played in the past.
video CLOSED CIRCUIT Special Screening in NYC
CLOSED CIRCUIT stars Eric Bana, Rebecca Hall & Julia Stiles, as well as director John Crowley walk (and talk) the red carpet for the thriller’s NYC special screening on August 19, 2013.
Inside Our Movies Making The Case
With the global threat of terrorism significantly altering modern jurisprudence, the filmmakers of CLOSED CIRCUIT realized this development could inspire both a timely and thrilling movie.
Inside Our Movies Ten Surveillance Films That Will Have You Looking Over Your Shoulder
John Crowley’s thriller CLOSED CIRCUIT makes the extensiveness of police surveillance an integral part of its suspenseful plot. We look at 9 other fun films that zoom in on surveillance.
Inside Our Movies The Legal Dream Team
To steer this smart, suspenseful legal drama required two actors who could bring emotional honesty and intellectual rigor to their roles. The filmmakers found them when they cast Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall.
people in film John Crowley
In CLOSED CIRCUIT, director John Crowley turns a timely tale of government surveillance into a very human drama. Be it on stage or in film, Crowley has demonstrated again and again his unique talent for making complex human stories intimate and real.
people in film Jim Broadbent
In CLOSED CIRCUIT, Jim Broadbent plays an inscrutable Attorney General who always seems to mean more than he says. As an actor who has played every possible role, from high comedy to deep drama, Broadbent was easily able to create such a multi-faceted character.
Inside Our Movies Preparing the Case
To stay true to the complex court system captured in CLOSED CIRCUIT, Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall began a rigorous cram course on legal intricacies, courtroom etiquette, and physical exercise.
Inside Our Movies A British Legal Brief
Although the American and British legal system come from the same principles of jurisprudence, the two differ in their particular modes of operation. Here’s a quick primer on the British rules, roles and responsibilities.
In the international suspense thriller CLOSED CIRCUIT, a high-profile terrorism case unexpectedly binds together two ex-lovers (Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall) on the defense team – testing the limits of their loyalties and placing their lives in jeopardy.