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9, Coraline and A Serious Man make cut by MPSE
In the latest flurry of award nominations, the Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE) picked films and television shows for recognition during this years awards. We are happy to see that 9 and Coraline
Producers nominate 9 and Coraline
The Producers Guild of America just announced their nominees for producing awards and both 9 and Coraline were tapped for for the PGA Producer of the Year Award in Animated Theatrical Motion Picture.  A list of all the nominees in all categories can be found in Variety.
He's Popping Up Everywhere...
He's Popping Up Everywhere... Image
Recently we were sent this picture by Jason Knop, the assistant manager at the Marcus Cinema of Menomonee Falls. Only yesterday we featured images of the guys from 9 hanging out in Moscow at the Russian premiere, and here 9 is described as "the newest member of staff" - it's impressive how much of a dedicated, globetrotting worker he is!
France Says "Oui!" to 9
France Says "Oui!" to 9 Image
Shane Acker's animated movie 9 is being released in numerous countries worldwide on the all too easy to remember date of September 9 - i.e. 09/09/09 - but it has already had an early bow in France, where it has been very warmly received. (Insert joke here involving the phrase "they can't get a neuf of it.") The movie has been highly praised in a large number of reviews, so we thought we'd show off our powers of translation and throw a few pullquotes your way. For ins
DreadCentral and new 9 Drawings
DreadCentral and new 9 Drawings Image
Dread Central is reprinting some very cool drawings that show the origin of the characters in 9. They show the evolution of 8, who they remind us is: “Armed with a giant kitchen cleaver and half a scissor blade, the none-too-bright muscle and enforcer of the group, 8 (voiced by Fred Tatasciore), is created to help the others physically survive the dangerous p
Scientist Rates Movie Scientists
Scientist Rates Movie Scientists Image
The scientist is wily character in film—sometimes the hero, often the villain, but nearly always misunderstood. That is until disaster proves him right. At The House Next Door, Simon Hsu (a real scientist who does research on protein structure at the UCSD School of Medicine) listed five films of interest featuring scientists. In making his choices, he writes, &l
Behold The 9
Behold The 9 Image
As Shane Acker’s animated vision 9 approaches theaters, his characters have already arrived. The nine stitchpunk figures that are humanity’s (really) last great hope are popping up on websites as a series of cards. Pop Culture Zoo has posted all of the cards with back stories for each of the characters. 
Countdown to 9
Countdown to 9 Image
Another clip from Shane Acker’s upcoming futuristic animation adventure 9 was released and fans are gathering with notes.  Over at, Alex Billington comments, “It looks even better than I was expecting - I really can't wait to see this. I may