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Nick Kenway


Prior to editing 9, Nick Kenway worked for Walt Disney Pictures for eight years.

There, he was film editor on such features as Tinker Bell and Brother Bear 2. He worked as production editor, in the Feature Animation division’s Australian studio, on Return to Neverland and The Lion King 1½, among other movies.

Before concentrating on animation, Mr. Kenway worked in the Australian television industry for three years, in the editing department on everything from science shows to documentaries to current affairs programs to commercials. Before becoming an editor, he worked as a script editor, a storyboard artist, a tour bus cameraman, and a motorcycle courier.

Born in Surrey, England, he and his family later settled in Sydney, Australia. He completed 2 degrees concurrently at the University of Newcastle in New South Wales, majoring in Philosophy and Drama in an Arts Degree; and Film in a Visual Arts Degree.