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Jinko Gotoh


Jinko Gotoh has worked for over 25 years in a wide range of media, with particular concentration on the evolution of animation as an art form. Fostering cost-effective methods of production while also nurturing the creative process, she is currently a freelance consultant and producer for the animated feature industry.

On the Academy Award-winning Finding Nemo, directed by Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich, she oversaw scheduling and budgeting in her capacity as line producer/associate producer.

She worked for four years at Walt Disney Feature Animation, overseeing the move into digital animation and its extensive application on such features as Eric Leighton and Ralph Zondag’s Dinosaur and (in IMAX) Fantasia 2000.

Earlier, Ms. Gotoh was the CGI producer on Joe Pytka’s Space Jam, which blended live-action, visual effects, virtual environments, and traditional and CGI animation.

She has served as executive vice president of the production and consulting service Butch & Co.; president of Entertainment Alia, which produced television commercials and large-format films, and where Ms. Gotoh was among the first producers to cross music video directors over into directing commercials; and director of the entertainment group of the Dentsu advertising agency, setting standards and buying practices for advertisers booking American talent for Japanese commercial endorsements.

She was born in Japan and raised in California. At Columbia University, Ms. Gotoh earned a BS in Applied Math as well as an MFA in Film.