Ten Years of Focus Features

CEO James Schamus provides a history of Focus Features by looking at ten favorite Focus films — from THE PIANIST to THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT –– picked especially by fans to celebrate Focus’ 10-year anniversary.

Part 1: Good Machine Becomes Focus Features

Focus CEO James Schamus describes the events that led up to the formation of Focus Features.

Part 2: Focus Features Acquires THE PIANIST

Focus Features CEO James Schamus narrates how Roman Polanski’s masterpiece became Focus' first big acquisition and the surprising thing that happened at the LA premiere.

Part 3: The Gamble of LOST IN TRANSLATION

Focus CEO James Schamus remembers how Sofia Coppola’s lyrical drama LOST IN TRANSLATION trusted audiences to follow her into new territory – and they did.


Focus CEO James Schamus explains how they got Michel Gondry’s mind-bending romance ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND produced by letting it become a handmade special-effects film.

Part 5: Having Faith in SHAUN OF THE DEAD

Focus CEO James Schamus recollects how Focus’ faith that SHAUN OF THE DEAD was hilarious was confirmed at a research screening in Long Island.

Part 6: The Long Trek to BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN

CEO James Schamus looks back on how he played both producer and studio exec in getting what would become Ang Lee’s American classic, BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, made.

Part 7: Focus Adapts PRIDE & PREJUDICE

CEO James Schamus looks at how Joe Wright’s adaptation of Jane Austen’s PRIDE & PREJUDICE defines the unique way Focus handles literary classics.

Part 8: The Vision Behind ATONEMENT

CEO James Schamus speaks to how Joe Wright’s ATONEMENT is an epic at once grand in scope and complex in ideas.

Part 9: The Power of MILK

CEO James Schamus reflects how Gus Van Sant’s MILK evolved in the process of production and what happened when the politics of real life collided with the politics in the film’s story.

Part 10: The Magic of CORALINE

CEO James Schamus showcases the amazing work created by the stop-motion animators of CORALINE.

Part 11: The Joy of THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT

CEO James Schamus recounts the joy of getting THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT into theaters and his own very personal connection to the filmmaker.

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